Friday, September 3, 2010

New Series- Creative Prompts from the Book Chook

Next week, I'll begin a series of articles I've written about different prompts to use for creativity. I'll provide the idea for the prompt, with some examples, and you and your kids get to respond any way you choose. My plan is to give you the prompt on a Friday, in the hope you may have more time on the weekend for creative activities. 

I'll also be sharing my response to the prompt. Not because I think my response will be of merit - I've quit fooling myself about that! I want to share my response because I figure we're all in this creativity thing together. Whether your creativity takes the form of writing, finger painting, cake decorating, knitting, photography, building or blogging - the creating is paramount, not the product. I hope that by sharing my efforts, you and your kids might be inspired to have a go yourselves. 

I'd love it if you'll let me know about what you create. If you'd like me to showcase it on my blog, I would be thrilled to do that. If you post about it on your own blog, please let me know (in comments or email, via the Contact Me tab), and I'll add your link to the relevant post. 

Some earlier articles I've written about creativity are: 

Thinking Creatively  Develop Imagination Through Literature-based Play  Create a Story Box Recycle and Read  What's the Deal with Online Publishing?  And don't miss this guest post with wonderful writing tips for kids from author, Sandy Fussell, titled Becoming a Story Detective!

UPDATE: Here are some Book Chook prompts already published.

 1. Creative Prompt - Innovate on Something Else
Creative Prompt - a Poem, Where I'm From
Creative Prompt - Start with a Video
Creative Prompt - What I Like
Creative Prompt - Start with What If?

 6. Creative Prompt - Look to Nature
 7. Creative Prompt - Start with Some Story Elements
 8. Creative Prompt - Start with One Word
 9. Creative Prompt - Start with Geometric Shapes
10. Creative Prompt - Start a Story with a Wacky Online Tool
11. Creative Prompt - Look Within
12. Creative Prompt - Start with an Old Picture
13. Creative Prompt - Start with a Hero
14. Creative Prompt - Two Word Poem
15. Creative Prompt - Start with Illustrations
16. Creative Prompt - Dreaming Online
17. Creative Prompt - The Burning House
BONUS: My (Almost) Interactive Prompt for Children's Writing


  1. Terry Doherty03 September, 2010

    I love this! Knowing your Chookish humor, these will be laugh out loud funny. Will you have a warning about potentially spitting coffee into the keyboard?

    I used to love coming up with prompts for my Booklights posts ... which got overtaken by Bookworm Basics!

  2. Hi Terry! Funny would be great, but I don't think all the prompts will spark that. I would so love it if you have time to join in!

  3. sounds great! i think my kids we will have a go with it!

  4. Hi Book Chook,
    I thought that since I check your blog almost daily to see what you are up to that I should thank you and at least contribute a comment!! I always look forward to new posts and love the way you post so regularly. You constantly inspire me so thank you so much!! I can't wait to read your creative prompts.. P.S- Love, love, loved the latest Literacy Lava! Now I'm off to look for pebbles this weekend. ;)

  5. Jdowling, it is lovely to get your feedback, and also lovely to know who is reading my blog! Those Story Stones in Cath's article in Literacy Lava 6 are a wonderful idea, so I hope you find some beauties.

    If you play with the prompt next Friday, be sure to let me know!

  6. Wonderful, Saara - I'm looking forward to seeing what you and the kids come up with!

  7. Great idea! I look forward to them :)

  8. The cherubs and I are in!

  9. Will do - working with 20 lovely five year olds so send some creative prompts my way!!!
    P.S - Pebble hunt postponed due to wet weather, may have to relax at home instead!

  10. I'm looking forward to it!!

    I don't know how faithful I'll be at remembering... but I'll love the juices they'll motivate!

    amy in peru

  11. That's excellent, Amy! I am so delighted people are keen, but I know the reality of daily life pressures and time constraints. This is mostly to get myself thinking creatively, and give myself the gift of some time for play and creative expression. If it can do the same for others, that's icing on my cake!

  12. I would be thrilled if you had time to join us, Kelly!

  13. Yay! I am trying to include prompts that can be adapted to toddlers, or adapted to all ages really. I would be so pleased to see or read about what the cherubs create!

  14. You inspired one of the prompts to come, jdowling. See if you can work out which one!

  15. Rebecca Newman04 September, 2010

    Ooh excellent, what a good idea. My little chookens will be in it, I'm sure. And so will I. :-)

  16. Great Rebecca, that's exactly what I hoped. Now to come up with prompts that can adapt to both chook and chookens!

  17. Tania McCartney06 September, 2010

    Love it. Looking forward to Fridays! x

  18. Great, Tania!

  19. Keith Schoch18 January, 2011

    I've been enjoying this series of prompts, and just thought I'd log in to say so. So many different, creative ideas using very concrete, inspirational resources. Keep it up!

  20. The Book Chook18 January, 2011

    Thanks so much Keith! I really value your feedback.

    I've been having a break from Friday prompts, but will continue them sporadically in 2011. I really want to encourage adults and kids to involve themselves in whatever creativity they prefer, and I think prompts can work well for this.

  21. Hi Susan
    I love the three pigs poem I am going to keep it in my relief bag for a special moment
    Thank you for sharing


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