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Online Poster Makers

 Online Poster Makers 
by Susan Stephenson,

I love the poster making websites. Playing with words and pictures is one of my favourite things to do! Kids love them too. Adding text to an image is one way to lure kids to writing. They are not usually daunted as the amount of writing is small, but there's lots of scope for learning about communicating with an audience. Writing tightly - without superfluous words - and choosing strong verbs and nouns is an important writing skill for writers young and old. With posters, kids also need to think about matching an image to the text they create or choose. They must choose an appropriate font, decide on font colour and placement of text - lots of visual literacy skills there too.

Consider online poster makers when students want to publish short pieces of text. They are ideal for six word memoirs/stories, captions, jokes, riddles or to practise matching someone else's quote with a visual to deepen the text's meaning. Practical reasons for needing a poster exist too - children might choose a poster maker to advertise a stall or book sale, or to remind others about the importance of recycling perhaps. As always with the internet, I advocate adult supervision when children use any website.

Here are some online poster makers you might like to explore with your own kids or students:

Quozio: I have the Quozio bookmarklet in my browser toolbar. It's a lovely simple way to capture a quote from the internet, cite the person who said it, and display that content on one of a range of backgrounds. The result can be downloaded to your desktop as a jpg file. I simply highlight the text, fill in the source's name, choose my background then quozio makes my digital poster. I usually right-click to save the image to my computer but Quozio will keep images for you in My Quotes if you register. You can also pin, email, tweet etc the quote. Quozio can be used without registering, and without the bookmarklet too. Kids can also just type into the screen. You can see a sample quote of my own that I popped into a Quozio speech bubble background, above.

ReciteThis: ReciteThis is similar to Quozio. It allows users to see what their quote or message looks like in a range of backgrounds, before choosing. No registration is needed and it doesn't have a bookmarklet, but there are lots of sharing options, including download to your computer.

Big Huge Labs' Motivator: I've used Big Huge Labs' Motivator several times for my blog posts eg. Cow Appreciation Day. Kids won't need to register unless they want to save to the website, but can upload an image from their own computers or get one from Flickr or Facebook. They follow some prompts to decide on how best to create the poster, add text and create. Big Huge Labs also have a Movie Poster.

Poster My Wall
Poster My Wall: No need to register unless you want the site to save. Kids can upload a background image for a poster or choose one from the site, including plain colour. Digital download is free but prints of course must be paid for. Once a background is chosen, customising with text and clipart works easily. (When you click the clipart menu, note there are two tabs, one for shapes and one for clipart proper.) There are lots of fonts to choose from, and resizing or editing is simple. Poster My Wall also has other options - collage and cards etc, but all seem to involve Facebook. However, Poster My Wall is the one I suspect kids will like the most.

Tackk: I found Tackk recently. From their website: "Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click and start typing. There is no login required. It's just like tacking a flyer to a telephone pole. Tackk about that bike you have for sale. Tackk about your engagement and your big day. Tackk about your band's upcoming gig. Tackk about your family vacation. You can Tackk about anything. You control the look and feel of your Tackk, who to share it with, and even how long it lives. So what are you waiting for?" I've only tried making one quick Tackk, but it works very nicely, and has lots of customising available. Tackks expire unless you register for a free account to save them. In my sample Tackk, above taken via a screen grab, there is lots more text below the grab line. (I used an image generated at Clay Yourself, and added text.)

BlockPosters: I haven't used block posters but have it bookmarked for when I need to print out a really big poster. The idea is that you can create any size wall posters from any size images. Once you upload an image, you slice it and receive each slice, enlarged, inside a pdf file. This could be useful both to kids and adults. I can certainly see it proving useful in schools! Be sure to check out the FAQ so you will be prepared for possible problems.

Ribbet: Ribbet isn't the only online image editor that can be used for digital poster making, but it's the one I use most. Kids can start with a blank canvas, and choose size, colour and background. There's no need to register unless you want the site to save for you. There are lots of editing features, including text, stickers etc. You can also add a photo to your canvas.


  1. Thanks for putting them all at one place, Susan; makes for one neat comprehensive resource point! :)

    1. I'll try to remember to update, Richa, as you can bet there will be new ones popping up in the future.

  2. Susan, these are great. Another one that provides functionality more like Microsoft Publisher but is web-based and free for education is Lucidpress online poster maker.

    1. Thanks Dave. I checked Lucidpress poster maker out prior to publishing your comment, and it looks full of potential. I hope to find time to test it further.

  3. Hi Susan, I have used both Lucidpress and PosterMyWall, and I think the latter is easier to use. I agree the children will find it easier to use as well!

    1. Christina, I have just played a little with Lucidpress but must try to investigate more. Thanks for contributing!

  4. Thanks for these great resources, I can't wait to play around with them some more. I don't have much experience with most of the ones you've listed but I have used the free poster maker at Lucidpress and really like it.
    Thanks again for the great info!


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