Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Book Chook Plays with Publishing

I love sites that encourage kids to write, and to be creative with images and text. Notaland is another one of my recent website discoveries that are intrinsically motivating to kids - and to Book Chooks! It's a sister site to PhotoPeach, which I used to make slideshows to tell two simple stories.

Nota is a little like
Glogster, but even simpler. After registering, you are presented with clear choices - a posting screen, and two sidebars with tools. You can upload pictures from your computer, add text, add clipart from the site, fonts, search for pictures, add movies etc. I kept mine simple, but I think the site has lots of potential.

Educational applications using Nota, include presentations and reports. Students are able to insert google maps and wikipedia articles, or upload pdfs, Word files and sounds. They can also collaborate over a Nota, and add comments to it. There are many opportunities for storing and sharing work. As usual with any website, I would advise parental supervision. 

Do take a look at Nota, and more importantly, introduce it to your kids. It might even make a great alternative to finding a sheet of cardboard for those Sunday night "gotta do a project" announcements. Better still, 
 play there yourself, and tell anyone who asks that the Book Chook calls it research!

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