Friday, June 26, 2009

Add a Quiz to your Slideshow with PhotoPeach

Several weeks ago, I made up two little stories based around some photos. I created slideshows with them at PhotoPeach. My post was called The Book Chook Makes a Slideshow.

Today I discovered that PhotoPeach have added something new to their slideshows. It's a quiz feature. To test it, I grabbed a couple of pics from my collection and made them into a tiny slideshow. Then I clicked the Edit Caption button at the bottom of my screen, hit the quiz button, and invented some questions about my pictures. It took me a matter of minutes. You can see my demo quiz below.

I think this new feature adds value to
PhotoPeach. Parents can make little quizzes for kids to help them practise spelling words (yes, that's the Australian way of spelling "practise" when it's a verb!). Teachers of course could use it for any subject that needs a three-choice quiz. Friends can send one to each other to canvas opinions or make decisions. Kids might enjoy making quizzes for each other. It would certainly be a fun feature to add to the stories they create with PhotoPeach.

What Is It? on PhotoPeach

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