Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Chook Heroes June 2009

My recent post about creating your own hero online made me think about some of the heroes in my cyber life. I spend time visiting fascinating blogs and web sites, and have met so many people I admire. Every so often I'll introduce you to some of them - the Book Chook Heroes.

Jen of Jen Robinson's book page, and Terry of The Reading Tub, are both heroes. Each week without fail they scour the internet to bring us the children's literacy and reading news roundup. Their hard work means lazy people like me just have to read and link, such a boon.

Rebecca of
I'm Lost in Books is my hero because she organizes her book blogging week and then tells the world her plans to post every single day of the week!

Sandy of
Sandy Fussell.com is my hero because she is a wonderful Aussie author who gives generously to her fans, and to the reading and writing communities. The book reviews on her blog give us insights from the writerly point of view. I reviewed one of her books, Samurai Kids:White Crane, in April.

Kim Chatel is my hero because she is clever and creative in so many areas.
Her web site is a visual treat, as is her new site, Blazing Trailers, which allows writers and illustrators to post their book videos for free. I've reviewed several of Kim's books, and love the video she's made to promote her latest, A Talent for Quiet.
That's just the beginning of my hero list! You'll meet more of them next time. If you're new to The Book Chook blog, don't forget to grab a free copy of
Literacy Lava while you're here. 

On Friday, Dee White will be visiting The Book Chook to discuss her novel, Letters to Leonardo, and the role that art plays in it. Dee will also give us a great prompt to motivate young writers, so be sure to mark Friday 26 June in your calendar. 
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