Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Literacy Bags

Family Literacy Bags are a great idea from Reading Rockets. Developed so that teachers can support the role of parents as educators, the idea is to put two books into a zip top bag ( one fiction and one non-fiction), then add helpful information sheets of related interactive activities for parents to do with kids.

The bags are theme-based. There's one on
Animals, Environment, Food, Folktales, Music, Time, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Their focus is on Kindergarten and First Grade. I love the fact that there are clear, accessible, and easy-to-understand suggestions for parents in each pdf, readily downloadable from Reading Rockets.

The activities would be fun and educational to link to any book that suits the themes, not just the ones suggested. For the Food theme, "get real" suggestions include a cooking with kids website, a visit to a dairy or farm, watching seeds sprout, gardening, and using the healthy food pyramid. There's also a puzzle-making idea, some role-play and discussion activities, and the bookmarks have suggestions for further reading.

I love
Reading Rockets! Do yourself a favour and explore the whole website. It's well set-out, easily navigable, and incredibly generous in making available a wealth of resources to support kids' literacy.
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