Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Writing Inspiration for Kids

Recently, I wrote about some online prompt generators for children to use to spark their writing. Here are some more ideas that might inspire your youngster to play with words.

RIF Reading Planet

There are all kinds of reading and writing activities at Reading is Fundamental.
Storymaker gives kids a personalized story, based on some simple input steps. Children are encouraged to write book reviews, collaborate on a group story, and play cool word games.

Scholastic's Story Generator

This is neat. It's like playing a slot machine without losing any money. You press the buttons, and the wheels turn, slow down, and settle on your prompt. I got: "Write a fantasy story about an unpopular octopus whose best friend is a movie star". Then I had to pick a format for my story, chose newspaper, and got to create my story inside a front page template.  

At this web site, children can choose from one of four sets of magnetic poetry. I chose
Storymaker, and was given a tray of words. I dragged individual words to the screen. Unfortunately, the Official Secrets Act prevents me from revealing the wonderful story I wrote. Okay, plus I forgot to save it.

Learning to write is such an important skill for kids to develop. Let's use these Internet resources to encourage them to have fun with words, and help inspire a future generation of wonderful young writers. 

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