Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Storytelling, Technology and Media - What a Combo!

Recently, I wrote of a wonderful resource for children's literacy, Our Book by Us, brought to my attention by Carol Rasco, CEO of Reading Is Fundamental. Today I learnt a little more about the writer/illustrator of the mini books inside the resource, Peter Reynolds. For a start, I realized he's the guy behind the artwork in the Judy Moody books, which I love!

Peter is also the creative genius behind FableVision, a company which uses "... media, storytelling and technology to teach and inspire learners to reach their true potential." Three Book Chook passions all wrapped up in a multi-media company! How cool is that?

You can see/hear Peter talking about FableVision on this video. 

Currently, he's one of five finalists for the Entrepreneur of 2009 award, given by Entrepreneur magazine. I voted for Peter, in an effort to put the spotlight on children's literature and literacy - particularly the kind that encourages kids to achieve their dreams of being creative storytellers. If you'd like to vote for Peter Reynolds too, you can do so online.

Spark your inner artist! That's the catch cry for Animation-ish, software developed by Peter's company. He says it will have kids animating in minutes. I'll let you know if the Book Chook is animating inside a week. I just downloaded a 15 day free trial, so look for some action on my blog soon. I love finding exciting new ways to tell and share stories, but wouldn't it be wonderful if I could find a program that would teach me to draw!

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