Thursday, July 2, 2009

Virtual Visiting - Switcheroo Zoo

Switcheroo Zoo is a website young environmentalists or animal lovers might enjoy.

Switch Zoo, my favourite part of Switcheroo Zoo, you can actually create new animals, like this squirdish I morphed from a squid, bird and fish. There are lots of different combinations to try. Pictured below is my squebra with the story I made about him.

There's so much reading, writing and learning at this site. Kids are encouraged to write a story about their new animals in the Switch Zoo. There are
games like Where Do I Live? that make it fun to learn facts about animals and their habitats. All the resources seem excellent, both on and off site.

I was truly amazed at some of the little videos. It was the audio aspect that was amazing - singing animals? Someone clever has used bird calls and animal noises to create Fur Elise and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Youngsters who adore animals will love this site because there's heaps to see, learn and do.

Naturally, Switcheroo Zoo would make a wonderful springboard to studying animals and their habitats. But consider using it to spark an interest in other strange beasts, like those in different mythologies or myths. Kids might like to create their own weird combinations in art, and then write a description, a wanted poster, or create a picture book narrative about their beast. Be sure to check out
the inspired art work from St John's Lower School in Texas, and some creative writing by 7th Grade students.

When everyone's exhausted after all that looking, listening, learning, and creating, what better follow-up to your virtual visit than curling up in a chair together, and sharing a real book about animals with your child?

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