Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Chook News

Perhaps my fame is only in my own mind (that happens a lot!), but if you'd like to link to read an interview with the Book Chook at 5 Minutes for Mom, click on the picture above left.

Here's an excerpt: "
What inspires you?

Great question! I am inspired very easily it seems - by the flick of a butterfly’s wing, the tang of a salt breeze, the light in a child’s eyes when he realizes he can read. I am inspired by the words of those who strive to rise above the mundane and reach for the stars. I am inspired by selfless acts, kindness always, delight in small things. I am inspired by the life of (almost) every single human being whose life touches mine."

Have a look around the Five Minutes for Mom family while you're there. It's a great way to discover new blogs to read. I particularly enjoy some of the light-hearted moments in 5 Minutes for Parenting, and the 5 Minutes for Books team brings a wide range of book reviews.

More news:

Australian author, Sandy Fussell, is currently having a blog tour to promote her latest book in the Samurai Kids series, Monkey Fist. I read and reviewed White Crane, the first book in the series, and loved it! I've been following the tour, and really enjoyed gaining insights into this wonderful writer's process and research. Don't miss Sandy's visit to The Book Chook blog on August 9 (August 8 US time) when she promises to reveal some of her parenting and writing secrets! Here's the full schedule of the tour: dates, hosts and blog urls. I hope you get the chance to visit some of these great Aussie blogs.

Aug 5 Mabel Kaplan http://belka37.blogspot.com
Aug 8 Rebecca Newman www.soupblog.wordpress.com
Aug 9 Susan Stephenson Right here, on The Book Chook blog!
Aug 10 Jeffery E Doherty http://jefferyedoherty.blogspot.com/

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