Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Goodies for Pirate Parents

Thanks to Hope Clark's Funds For Writers newsletter today, I discovered a great free trial of some children's ebooks. This is from a company called Sylvan Dell. My Be a Pirate Parent post was already long, and I think this offer needs its own place anyway.

I have never reviewed a Sylvan Dell book, but have always been impressed by the
publisher's site. It has many wonderful resources to plunder, particularly for parents, homeschoolers, librarians and teachers. I loved the huge list of Story Time Crafts and activities. Every book has a 3-5 page educational section in the back which is available free on the site just by clicking on a book cover. Be sure to check out the teaching activities attached to each book, too. The company's motto is Science and Math through literature.

But this deal is extra cool. Sylvan Dell has just released its new ebooks. They're offering a free trial on all 45 titles for the next 90 days. When you
link, it opens to a page with the trial code added, and all you need to do is press "validate access code". Then click on any book to read, and/or hear it read in English or Spanish. The code expires on October 31, plenty of time to read and enjoy these great nonfiction books. They're ideal to use as read-alouds, audiobooks, for emergent readers, and for children who are fascinated by the natural world.

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