Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Technology, and Furniture Giveaway

I get excited about new technology, I admit it. I love the opportunities that so much of it offers for people like me (ie not very clever, techie, or creative chooks!) I love being able to use images and words to communicate with an audience via my blog, and the publications I create like Literacy Lava. I think the programs that are available to encourage children to read, write, and create are fantastic.

Sometimes I admit to wondering, what next? Yes,
Google Wave is due to break soon, but today I watched a video at TED that had my jaw dropped even further. Please take the eight minutes or so to watch Patti Maes introduce the Sixth Sense, a wearable device with a projector that will allow us to interact with our environment in amazing ways. I haven't thought through the implications for literacy, but when I recover, I will!

Speaking of literacy, no amount of technology will ever replace my love for books, yes, the print kind. I really enjoy being surrounded by wall-to-wall bookcases in my study, all full of beloved old friends and delightful new acquaintances. Which brings me to my giveaway. CSN Office Furniture is offering one US reader of the Book Chook blog any one product with a retail value of $US80 or less. CSN Stores is a leader in office furniture with a huge selection of office chairs, office accessories, desks and bookcases. I've never tried their product, because I live in Australia, but there are definitely some nice-looking children's bookcases that fall into the offered price range.

If you live in the US, and you'd like to participate in this giveaway, just send me an email (you'll find it above, under Contact Me) with Furniture Giveaway in the subject line, telling me you'd like to win. I will email the winner in a week's time, and ask for postal details to send to CSN.

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