Saturday, August 8, 2009

When Should We Start Reading to Kids?

I've just seen the best answer to the question, "When should we start reading to kids?" In the video below, check out how responsive this baby is, how he's listening, how he's anticipating the next animal noise, and oh, how he's enjoying himself thoroughly!

Isn't it great to see a dad so involved in caring for his kids? Not only does this Dad read aloud, and make uber cool animal noises, but also he uses puppets to develop his kids' literacy skills. I defy you to watch his next video without a chuckle.

Here is a pregnant mum, reading to her daughter and unborn child. Lots of people believe that babies can detect language while in utero. My view? It can't hurt, and what a great habit to continue after birth.

I love the energy this next dad has brought to the read aloud session. Why would these kids want to be elsewhere?

Some parents use funny voices, some parents read to their kids every single day. Tomorrow, my blog guest will be a mum who tried something very different to encourage her son to read.

To dads and mums everywhere who read and play with your kids, you are Book Chook heroes!


Wouldn't it be fun to have a kiddie book club for your children!?!  Send out announcements to all of your children's friends and encourage learning through reading fun books!

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