Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exploring Art at Curious Corner

Curious Corner is the Art Institute of Chicago's special corner of their website just for kids. At Story Time, you can read interactive stories with stunning illustrations like The Golden Bird, which is based on a Brancusi sculpture. Match Up is fun, with shapes, sounds and textures from famous artworks. There are several opportunities to Play with Art, including mask making, and matching portrait heads to their bodies.

From the site:
Explore and learn about art from around the world.
Look closely and
investigate artworks.
Connect personal experience with artworks through playful, creative activities.

I also loved their
ideas for parents to make visiting an Art Gallery a more meaningful and interesting experience, especially those involving reading, writing and thinking.

Even if you can't make it to Chicago to see the real works of art in the collection, why not take advantage of these playful interactive opportunities to encourage your child to learn more about art, and have fun with it!

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