Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Resource Roundup

How can a Book Chook focus on her writing when there are so many wonderful literacy resources to tempt her? Here are some recent finds:

I love
Reading Rockets! I found out today from Director, Tina Chovanec that they'd used a quote from my post about their wonderful Family Literacy Bags on their site -

"Family Literacy Bags are a great idea from Reading Rockets. I love the fact that there are clear, accessible, and easy-to-understand suggestions for parents in each PDF. The activities would be fun and educational to link to any book that suits the themes, not just the ones suggested."

While I was at Reading Rockets, I discovered yet another great feature. There's a page of e-cards you can send to celebrate reading events. I adore great children's book illustrators, and they've used the work of some beauties here. I sent a Henry Cole
"Great Teachers are cause for celebration" card.

I found some excellent story-telling ideas for parents at
Imagination Soup.

Meet Me at the Corner has kid-friendly educational videos, with some content created by kids. There's a section explaining how to make a video podcast, and video reviews from children about books they've read.

Literactive is an educational games site. There are all sorts of visual and auditory discrimination activities, memory, blending, spelling etc. I liked the focus on early learners - some are simple enough for pre-schoolers too. Once I'd registered, I tried The Radio Game, from the Pre-Read level. It's like a radio to look at and has three pictures. The child has to click on the picture that makes the sound he hears. There are also sequencing activities, jigsaws etc. Levels go all the way to Level 7, but none of the 7 games would work for me. (It says they are coming May 09!) One I tried from Level 6 was Game Show, which involved dragging a word to finish a sentence. There are also stories and rhymes to listen to and interact with. My feeling is this site would be suitable for students under 7 years of age.

Last week I told you about
Game Classroom. They also have another great site, KiDEOS. There's a range of videos for kids, and it's a nice simple interface. Categories that support literacy are Book Characters, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales and Dr Seuss, but there are many more wonderful opportunities to link to songs and stories. My favourite was a trip down memory lane with some Muppets and Julie Andrews!

If you don't have a to-be-read pile higher than the house, like certain Chooks I could name, then maybe you're wondering what to read next?
To Read Next is a simple web application which lets you know the best book to read next, we have worked out a nice little algorithm that will fetch information from the current book that you are reading and based on this information it will suggest you the next relevant books that you can read.

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