Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spore Creature Creator

The Spore Creature Creator doesn't have a lot of reading or writing associated with it, but it's fun! I think it would make a great spark for children's writing - have them design their own creature at Spore Creature Creator 2D, then follow up by writing a creature profile, or a narrative telling of their creature's adventures.

The Spore interface is fairly intuitive. Once your egg hatches, you drag a body part to the body, wait until that part lights up, then let it go and it attaches to the body. It won't let you do silly things like attach hands to the body with no limbs - not that I tried of course. You can resize and re-position body parts using little guiding balls. The creator has extra features like ability to save, email and investigate other people's creations.

My creature is Eek. She has clawed toes which make wearing socks a problem, but are very handy for fending off opponents during beach soccer. Her snippy-snapper is ideal for picking raspberries. Eek dotes on raspberries. In fact, she used to be blue, but ate so many berries that she turned this lovely shade of blush.

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