Saturday, December 19, 2009

Book Chook in Love

I am in love. No, it's not what you're thinking. This is a delightful free educational game I discovered. It's called Questionaut, and it's part of the BBC's vast website. Its genre I guess is a quest - you set off to find your friend's hat. It sounds lame but the art work is delightful, and the problems you need to solve are quirky, so it isn't lame at all.

Questionaut is great for encouraging literacy skills because there is so much reading in it. The questions are all in English, and correct answers give you fuel to power your journey. I think it would be ideal for Senior Primary students with some parental help, but best for high school age. Questions I did covered English, Maths, Science. The Maths ones took me longest because I kept giving wrong answers, which decreased my fuel, and I had to keep earning it back. The game gives explanations of why your answers are right or wrong, but that didn't seem to help this poor old Book Chook much. Kids will be fine with it.

Each level brings up a new world. Once you arrive, you need to work out what to do by clicking and hoping. Once you've happened upon the right sequence of clicks, someone asks you the questions. Well, that was my method. If you take a look and work out a better way, I'd love you to enlighten me.

The game was designed by
Amanita Design, a Czech company which also created Machinarium. You can play a demo version of it. The art work is so stunning, take a look for that reason alone.

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