Sunday, December 20, 2009

Book Review, Delilah's Dream

I don't know author Ian Trevaskis, but I'm sure he used me as a model for the picture book, Delilah's Dream. It's about a "fine young hen who dreams of reaching unimaginable heights. She is full of passion and dedicated to the pursuit of wild adventure." The Book Chook to a T, don't you think?

You see, Delilah is not like other hens. She looks just like them, but she isn't satisfied with wallowing in the daily dust. She dreams of flying, real flying that takes her to the stars. Her farmyard friends just laugh at her. Why is it, I wonder, that nay-sayers must try to pull dreamers down to earth?

Great picture book writers are my heroes. Trevaskis uses both humour and tension expertly in this story, and makes us care about Delilah. We feel for her when the others scoff at her dreams, and share her eventual triumph. I love the message Trevaskis sends us - dare to dream, dare to be different.

The illustrations are by
Janine Dawson, and they pop with character and humour. The three hens, Delilah, Esmeralda, and Priscilla, and the rooster, Hannibal, are an irresistible combination of cartoon and realism. I suspect Dawson has spent some time on a farm, because she captures a very chooky likeness!

New Frontier have a great website with lots of teacher resources to support their books. I don't see any for
Delilah's Dream yet, but hope they will be forthcoming. This beautiful hardback picture book was published in 2009, and is another triumph for New Frontier.

Delilah's Dream will resonate with anyone who has ever dreamed, and dared to be different.

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