Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Thank a Teacher

It's close to that time again in Australia - the end of the school year. And for many parents, their thoughts turn towards how to thank their child's teacher.

Of course, if you and the teacher have clashed, you might want to forget the whole idea. But I am hoping you are one of the many who sincerely appreciates the work a teacher has done to make your child's year a special one. I don't just mean school teachers either. Music teachers, Sunday School teachers, jazz and tap teachers, soccer coaches, the lady next door who is giving your daughter cooking lessons - saying thank you is a way to show our appreciation.

How to do that? A hand-written note is great, because the teacher can go over it at leisure, and allow the words to sink in. Why not involve your youngster and have them design and help create a card of thanks? I still have many of the letters and cards I received over 25 years in the classroom. All of them touched my heart.

Some parents like to give gifts as well. Your child may have some ideas, but I thought I would tell you of three standout gifts from my teaching days.

One delightful mum turned up at my classroom with a loaf of fresh-baked bread, wrapped in brown paper, and simple words of thanks. Another heard I was sick one day and came to my home with the makings for dinner. And another arrived on the last day of school with a beautiful pottery bowl, a jar of pesto, a small spreader, and an olive-oil stained note describing the wonderful year her daughter had had. Is there a bit of a food theme going on here? Sure I received (and ate) way too many chocolates, but those three gifts stand out.

How do you thank a teacher? From your heart.

PS If you'd like some ideas of crafts and gifts you can make with your kids in the next few days, try
these from Kaboose. Or check out these card ideas from love2read

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