Saturday, December 19, 2009

Words Move Me

Sony have made what seems to be a literary clone of Twitter. Naturally, it's a way to sell Sony, but the ads aren't too intrusive, and it's a slim, elegant interface. They call it: Words Move Me and say it's about "connecting readers around the literary moments they love."

I think it could be useful as a way to find books that resonated with another reader. At the very least, it makes fascinating reading to discover what literary moments moved somebody. And yes, my inner geek enjoyed it very much!

How does it work? Basically, after registering, you enter a literary moment in 255 characters or less, tag with the title, author, and up to three emotions. The emotions are then searchable. I've seen some moments that describe the book itself, relating why its meaningful in somebody's life. I've seen many which include only a quote from the book, like
this one I put in from Sandy Fussell's Polar Boy. If you're interested in seeing the moments I've had time to enter, visit my profile, or check out the home page that has a scrolling entry of people's moments constantly updating.

I've also seen it as a widget and have written to Sony asking for one for my blog. So far they haven't answered.

(Thanks to
Wordle for the Wordle! )

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