Thursday, January 14, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I try to make all my posts about ways to encourage kids to be involved with activities that promote children's literacy. Sometimes, the link is tenuous. Today, there is no link at all!

Today, I am appearing on one of my favourite Book Blogs, Kittling Books. Cathy runs a feature there called
Scene of the Blog, where she has people from all over the bookblogosphere share the space where they write their book reviews and other blog posts. I took a photo of my messy study, plus a seat by the pool where I like to read, and wrote a little about my blogging practice. Scene of the Blog has been a fascinating way to check out other book bloggers' work spaces from all over the world, and share a little of their lives. If you'd like a little insight into mine, I hope you'll visit Scene of the Blog, and leave a comment to say g'day.

Kittling Books is one of the few blogs about adult books that I have time to follow. I not only enjoy Cathy's reviews, I really like her writing style. Good writing is important to me, though I must admit it is not always found here at The Book Chook! Nevertheless, I seek it out in everything I read. If you have a wide reading taste as an adult, I am sure you will find great ideas to tempt you at Kittling Books.

Look at that great old typewriter. Did Cathy somehow manipulate the image and add the paper, or did she put the paper into the old typewriter and take a pic? This is the sort of thing that can fascinate a chook for hours...

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