Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Chook Interview

I've been interviewed by a delightful Australian writer, editor and publisher, called Tania McCartney. The article on her Kids' Book Review blog gives me the title of "literacy aficionado". (That makes me think of strong black coffee in a small cup. Alas, I am more likely to be milky chai latte in a big mug!) I enjoyed answering Tania's questions which helped me clarify my thoughts on literacy, children's literature and my own writing ambitions.

If you link to take a look at the interview, be sure to check out Tania's blog while you're there. This talented lady has lived in France, England and China, and has written and edited for several magazines including City Weekend Beijing, Time Out, beijingkids and Dolly magazine. Her books look intriguing - here's a peek into
Riley and The Dancing Lion.

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