Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Literate Learning

Today I was catching up with a blog I love called Literacy Launchpad. Amy has been asked to do teacher training at a local child care centre. She asked what every teacher must know about literacy, "If YOU could be there telling them something, emphasizing something about books/reading/literacy, what would it be? If they were YOUR CHILD'S teacher, what would you want them to be doing/saying/reading/knowing?"

I thought those were interesting questions that cut right to the heart of what I believe about literacy learning and teaching, so I decided to share my answer with you. In my ideal world, this is the advice I would give to my future grandchild's (I live in hope!) pre-school teachers, or to her parents if she is home-schooled.

I would tell them that encouraging kids to love reading, writing and communicating must be their number one priority. I would tell them to base their curricula on wonderful children's literature. I would tell them to surround kids with activities that will stimulate their imaginations and encourage them to think creatively and critically. I would tell them to get in touch with their own inner child, and remember that play is children's work. I would tell them to listen to their students, and to fall in love with the pause. I would tell them to have FUN, and to look for the beauty in every moment, and in every child!

How about you? What would your focus be?

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