Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fold Me Up, Scotty

Origami Club is a huge site where kids can learn more about the wonderful art of paper folding. There are easy creations for younger kids like this simple cat, which has instructions in both diagram and animation.

Following these instructions to make their chosen creation will give kids great practice in visual literacy. Why not let them choose several clothes to dress a character, and then describe it in words? Or try out different paper planes for distance or aerobatics, then record the details of their experiment? Or create sea creatures for a wall mural that displays their poems about the sea?

Another fun origami site is Tammy Yee's Origami Page. Tammy shares her own art work. You print out her illustrations and follow directions to fold them, like with this swallowtail butterfly.

For folding according to two themes, try this museum site where Michael Fosse shows the folds to create several origami models on video. Kids click on the model they would like to try, in themes of Polar Origami, and Origami Now (bat, frog, duck etc).

If you'd like your kids to see some inspirational folding, check out this short video below. It's in German, but you don't need to know the language to understand what's happening. It might give your kids an idea for a narrative of their own.

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

Art can give kids a focus for their writing, and tap into that deep well of creativity that lies within us all.


  1. Latest Book Chook blog post: Fold Me Up, Scotty. Origami might give your kids a focus for their reading and writing.

  2. Sandy Fussell28 February, 2010

    Excellent post. I give every child that attends one of my author talks an origami samurai kabuto helmet. They are always very popular. The design is on Origami Club which you mentioned. Another good post for Maths and origami is here

  3. Origami and Reading and Writing

  4. RT @BookChook<wbr></wbr>: Fold Me Up, Scotty. Origami might give your kids a focus for their reading and writing.

  5. RT @BookChook<wbr></wbr>: Latest Book Chook blog post: Fold Me Up, Scotty. Origami might give your kids a focus for their...

  6. Sandy, thanks for that link! I love it when people add value to my post by giving us some extra resources. I'd never really thought about the connection between origami and maths, but Jeff's blog is a good place to start.

  7. Jeff Doherty28 February, 2010

    What a great post. I've been following all the links and links to other links for the last hour. My current WIP is about a young girl who makes magical origami creations that give her the courage to face her fears and stop hiding in her room. Thanks.

  8. Kelly Burstow01 March, 2010

    OOOO, I'll be showing this site to my daughter (8). Love the title you used, Fold Me Up Scotty. Made me laugh.

  9. I have never met a student who doesn't enjoy creating origami with paper. They are intrigued by the ability to make a 3d object out of a flat piece of paper. This is a great site for students to visit on those indoor recess days!

  10. Book Chook04 March, 2010

    Jeff, it sounds great. Wish I'd thought of it! And how readily it lends itself to some great accompanying activities at published level.

  11. Book Chook04 March, 2010

    Kelly, I love it when someone gets my sense of humour!


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