Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Mail

Here's another cute way for kids to communicate with an audience. Baby Mail allows them to write a message, perhaps for Grandma or a friend, and either record themselves saying it via microphone, or else type it into the text box and have the site say it. That's how I made my example below. Once you choose a baby to deliver your message, you have the option of getting the url, sending via email, or grabbing the html code the way I did, so you can embed it on your blog or website.

(Thanks to the incomparable Larry Ferlazzo for the idea!)


  1. Just posted: Baby Mail. Grab a copy of Literacy Lava 4, free pdf 4 parents, while u visit The Book Chook blog.

  2. Kelly Burstow03 March, 2010

    How cute! Will have to do this for my Dad; he is in Africia.

  3. That is fun! Good idea for getting kids to "write" and communicate.

  4. Book Chook08 March, 2010

    Such fun for that, Kelly B. Also, check out Blabberize as an alternative.

  5. Book Chook08 March, 2010

    I think so too, Kelly T. Sometimes, you just want a quick activity that gives kids a focus for their writing, right?

  6. My 8 year old daughter read it one morning before school and was a little teary when we talked about what was happening in the book. She is dealing with some bullying issues at school and said she thought that the book was wonderful because "It lets people know that when they are sad they can tell someone and that even when you don't feel like anyone knows how you feel that you still have people that care about you."

    I have recommended this book to a friend who is a child psychologist to have on hand for patients who might be dealing with issues of loneliness or with having a family member suffering from Alzheimers.


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