Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Book Chook Goes to School

Regular readers of The Book Chook may have noticed I am fascinated, nay obsessed with web 2.0 tools. I truly love their potential for encouraging kids to communicate with joy and creativity.

So I was delighted to enroll in an online course last year, called Easy Web 2.0 Tools. It was run by Nik Peachey, through SEETA, the South Eastern European Teachers Association. (You didn't know Australia was part of South Eastern Europe? Seriously, isn't it wonderful to be part of a generous community of learners who all help each other!) I re-visited a couple of tools, like Wordle and D'volver, and experimented with new ones like TokBox, and 280 Slides.

Our assignment for 280 Slides was to create an engaging multimedia task with it. 280 Slides is similar to a Power Point presentation, but it allows you to embed video. I decided to use two short animated films, Oktapodi and The Piano, and ask my students, a group of adults who are keen to write, to use the films as prompts for further creative activity. Basically, I added some quick text to my slides, grabbed an image from my computer for my title page, then used the site's toolbar to add the url of the two videos I'd bookmarked at Youtube.

How is this useful to parents? I think 280 Slides might be an interesting one to introduce to your kids when they are asked to choose media to demonstrate something they've learned. Instead of a static slide show, they can embed video clips to illustrate points. The great thing is, they can find images and video from Flickr, Youtube and Vimeo by using the built-in search box on 280 Slides. Or they can add material from your own computer. The presentations they make can be shared by email, embedded or downloaded and saved. Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to find out more about 280 Slides, there's a tour you can take at that site. It truly is very quick and easy to use, and I hope to use it more. Can you think of a way it might prove useful to you and your kids?

Here is my assignment. Click to play. Click to move on to the next screen.


  1. Latest post: The Book Chook Goes to School. My assignment - to create with 280 Slides.

  2. Sandy Fussell25 March, 2010

    I'm glad I'm not in your class. You are too hard to keep up with. *smile* I can't even work out how to leave a comment here with any of my valid logins *sigh* I am brainless tonight

  3. The chook? Obesessed? Nah...

  4. Book Chook25 March, 2010

    Smoke and mirrors, Sandy!

    I am transferring to a new comment system very soon, so hope things will improve.

  5. Book Chook25 March, 2010

    Chuckling here, Jeanne. I don't think I'm obsessed either. More like charmingly eccentric!

  6. Tools like 280 slides are what make the Internet a great place for learning, exploring and sharing! This is a great place for students to create presentations...extra bonus? No need to save locally, easy access is a huge benefit!


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