Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Review, Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs

Kids under six will so relate to this picture book! Any adult who has participated in those "not bedtime just yet" rituals will relate to it too. Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs was written by Peter Whitfield, illustrated by Jacqui Grantford and published by New Frontier Publishing in 2007.

Mum and child obviously have a boisterous cuddle routine where Mum dangles the little girl upside down and much fun ensues. But then our clever girl demands butterfly kisses ... and rubby nose kisses ... and this little piggy ... and ... Do you get the picture? Kids will enjoy seeing the gentle mischief our pyjama-clad heroine gets into. I predict they'll want to participate in her bedtime routines too. Peter Whitfield has kept the text simple, and font large, inviting kids to join in the refrain of "Squeezy cuddle, dangly legs. Squeezy cuddle, dangly legs."

Jacqui Grantford has given us lovely clear but textural drawings to enjoy, made with gouache and water colour pencils on water colour paper. Kids will love the colours, and the softness, and looking for the teddies and toy dog inside the book.

Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs would make an excellent choice if you are buying a gift for a baby shower. Picture books like this make wonderful bedtime stories, and that baby you are showering with gifts will soon grow into a youngster giggling over another child's delaying tactics. It would also be a perfect choice for libraries, or schools that include a unit like Who Am I? for the junior grades.

This book just lends itself to follow up activities. Kids could research different family customs for bedtime, write their own bedtime stories, look at nursery rhymes and poems for toddlers, bring along their own favourite bedtime books and toys, even dress up in pj's and help organize a sleepover.

We can never have too many cuddles, so look out for Squeezy Cuddle Dangly Legs and share it with your youngster soon.


  1. The premiss of the book brings back sweet memories of my dad putting us kids to bed. He would tickle us and toss us in the air and hang us upside down. My mom would always call up "stop tickling them, they'll never fall asleep!"

  2. Book Chook23 March, 2010

    Yep, I know what you mean, Kelly. Dads are wonderful that way. I remember my dad started a routine with his grandkids where he'd fling them around, but the chiropractor talked him out of it!


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