Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lyrics Training, for Language Students

Photo credit: ppdigital from morguefile.com

The Lyrics Training site is great if you want practice in your foreign language of choice. It works by showing you a video of the song you pick, and encouraging you to add the lyrics you just heard to a little "fill in the blanks" screen.

Near the search bar at the top, you can choose your language and level of difficulty and that gives you a choice of songs under their ad lower right. Click one, and it begins to play so you can listen/watch without adding any lyrics. When you're ready, play it again, only this time, choose your game mode. I picked the slowest mode, beginner, which only expected me to fill in one quarter of the blanks. Using your keyboard, you suggest the words you think you heard, a bit like dictation only heaps more fun. Backspace repeats a line. I expected to blitz the beginner level in French but it was tricky when the voice wasn't slow French speech with an Australian accent! You can give up (I did!) and it then shows you the lyrics while you watch, a great listening activity in itself.

The video clips and songs are more suited to students in high school and older than to youngsters. There seems no need to sign in/register which makes it much easier for schools. Right now, there are not too many French songs, but there many English ones, and other languages are supported too. Even if your kids are not learning another language, if they are into music, this could be an interesting place for them to read, listen and write.


  1. What a good idea, I suspect that my students would be much better at these activities than I am!

  2. Now that is a seriously, seriously cool site! Thank you!

  3. Book Chook02 March, 2010

    It works well, Jeanne. A few more French songs would be nice. I think it would be cute if they could get some of those youtube songs for younger kids - I think it would enhance my listening and predicting!

  4. Book Chook02 March, 2010

    I am still trying to find something I can do better than the average seven-year-old, Kelly. Technology keeps me humble!

  5. Kelly Burstow03 March, 2010

    I'll pass this on to my sister. She is a LOTE teacher. Thank you.

  6. Book Chook04 March, 2010

    I expect LOTE teachers will love it Kelly. It would be perfect it if they would add songs suitable for younger learners too.


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