Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stupeflix, Playing with Words, Music and Images

Stupeflix is an online space where you can create video. It has themes for you to choose from. Once you've chosen, you simply upload your own photos, or the site will fetch images from Picasa or Flickr. You can also add snippets of video.

Then you add music (from your own computer, which meant I had to source it elsewhere and attribute according to copyright), and words to create a little movie. Once you're happy with your creation, you can preview it and even export it to Youtube.

The free version limits your videos to 60 seconds.

I tried my hand, not very expertly, at a little phoetry, by choosing some photos from my own computer and jotting down any words that jumped into my head. You can check out my effort below. Yes, yes, don't give up my day job, I know.

This would make a great place for kids to create and publish their own poetry or short text. I like the "look", but wouldn't it be great if the site supplied some music tracks like PhotoPeach, Animoto or Masher!


  1. These free online applications can do some amazing things. I get so excited about all of them, there is no limit to how students can impress a teacher today!

  2. Book Chook12 March, 2010

    And they're becoming so much easier to use too!

  3. i love it. Thank you so much for finding this site.

  4. Book Chook13 March, 2010

    The scrapbook template is particularly nice I think, Steph.


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