Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book Review, I Only Like Toast

Here's an unusual picture book that might be just right for your fussy eater. I Only Like Toast is written by Greg Knagge and Jo Fiedler, and illustrated by Shane Devries. It was published by One Goat Creative, an Australian company, and designed to be a companion to Cauliflower Conspiracy, a book which contains advice and recipes to help encourage healthy eating habits in young children.

I only like toast,
It's the food I like most.

The young heroine is determined to stick to her boring diet, but when she finally tries some vegetables, things change. It's a fun story that kids will relate to, especially if they're picky about their food. There is a lot of repetition too, making it ideal for beginning readers.

The illustrations are so unusual - they are in sepia tones which reflect the mood, but have occasional colour highlights. There are lots of little animal characters that pop up on different pages throughout the story, and kids will enjoy looking for them. The style is quirky and cartoonish - perfect for this sort of picture book.

I Only Like Toast would make an interesting choice for a teaching unit on Food. Kids could innovate on the text to create a rhyme of their own about what they do and don't like to eat. It would make a great focus for a class tasting activity or a class recipe book. And it might just make a fussy eater laugh, and wonder if she should try some different foods too.


  1. Kelly Burstow26 April, 2010

    What an interesting way to write a children's book. Susan, do you have your own children's book published yet? It's such a tough market to get into I've found. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Book Chook26 April, 2010

    Kelly, thanks for asking. Yes, you can see my book at the publisher's site or on Amazon.

    I didn't know you were submitting to publishers too!

  3. Kelly Burstow26 April, 2010

    GREAT! I'll go and buy one. Writing is a fairly new thing for me. I worked as an agent, selling children's books, so I could afford to build a home library for my children. My love for children's books grew from there. I've had interest from a publisher in two of my stories (which is a start) but not sure where it's headed yet. We will see.

  4. ktenkely03 May, 2010

    I know this kid! :) Love our little picky eaters, this is a cute book that may help them consider broadening their tastes.

  5. Book Chook03 May, 2010

    Yup, I know him too!


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