Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review, When an Elephant Comes to School

Most kids have to start school sometime. So, apparently, do elephants. This delightful picture book explains just what to do on an elephant's first day at pre-school, although the advice holds good for beginning any school.

There are important lessons to learn in this book. Youngsters can discover they are not the only ones to feel shy and anxious in a new situation. They can also find out how to make a newcomer welcome - An elephant needs lots of love and cuddles and hugs, and - When he falls over, make a big fuss of him. Or maybe even what not to do - elephants are NOT good at sharing.

I loved the gentle humour in both illustrations and text - an elephant experimenting with bubble blowing is a sight to behold, as is one playing the tambourine. Kids will recognize and enjoy all the typical scenes of pre-school life, and empathize with a little elephant who jumps into Mum's arms at the end of the day.

When an Elephant Comes to School is written and illustrated by Jan Ormerod, and published by Frances Lincoln Limited (2004). It would make an excellent choice for parents whose child is about to start pre-school, and also be enjoyed as a fine read-aloud by kids and elephants everywhere.


  1. What a sweet little book for preschoolers.

  2. Book Chook19 April, 2010

    I agree Kelly!

  3. Kelly Burstow20 April, 2010

    I love reading your book reviews. You have a special way of writing you know.

  4. Book Chook20 April, 2010

    Kelly, you have made my day! Now all I have to do is convince an Aussie publisher of that!


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