Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sometimes , we encourage our kids to read and write, but don't spend as much time on their talking and listening skills. Here's an online program that allows kids to record themselves speaking and drawing at the same time. It's called Sketchcast:

Record a sketch with or without voice. Explain something, have fun, or create art.

Then embed the sketch player in your blog or point people to your sketch channel.

I can see this program being very beneficial in the classroom, particularly with second language learners, but I can also see parents and kids having fun with it. You can copy the url and send it to someone, or embed it in a blog. It supports several languages too.

Use it if you want your kids to practise giving directions aloud while they draw something to put the directions into context. How about drawing Grandma a picture or showing her the words your child learnt to write at school today? You could copy/paste text of a little story in, and have your child read it aloud to Dad when he's away from home. Of course, you could do the latter with a video camera too, but this would be another, different opportunity.

Learn how to use it via one of Russel Stannard's excellent Teacher Training Videos.

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