Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild Music

Wild Music - Experience the sounds and songs of life

One of the activities I love to use when I'm teaching drama is the soundscape. You create a soundscape by using your voice, body percussion, music, technology, whatever you choose, to try to simulate a real environment. It really helps kids become conscious of their sense of hearing, and of all the different sounds that go to make up an environment.

At Wild Music, you can not only create your own soundscapes, you can explore all sorts of features about sound. Find out about the science of sound, see how your ears measure up to a baby's, compare your hearing with that of other animals, and learn how to make games, instruments and activities involving sound at home.

There are excellent listening activities. Try the Thrush Song Challenge, or Audio Memory which is a kind of animal concentration game.

So often we train our kids to be visually observant, but neglect to give them practice in auditory discrimination and memory. After a visit to Wild Music, why not go outside on a listening walk, or suggest your kids create a radio-type play for someone else to listen to. You can find out more about radio plays in my article about Reader's Theatre. Book Chook tip: I have found Grandmas and Grandpas make a most appreciative audience!


  1. Tania McCartney10 April, 2010

    I love this - and totally agree with you. When I read my books to kids, I'm always making great sounds and loads of onomatopeoia, even if it's not written in the book. Using tone in the voice is so enthralling for kids, too - using different voices for different characters, etc. I have specific voices for many of my kids' favourite storybooks (and for the favourite stuffed toys!) and they love it. My son's favourite kangaroo does have a cockney accent, though - must have been on the sauce when I invented that one.

    Thanks for the Wild Music link.

  2. Soundscapes are a great idea for the classroom.

  3. Book Chook11 April, 2010

    I agree Tania. Some books really lend themselves to a dynamic read aloud, and I must admit they tend to be my favourites!

  4. Book Chook11 April, 2010

    Great in the classroom, yes, lots of opportunities for creative thinking, body percussion and using the school's music resources.


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