Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giveaway - Alex Rider Books

Today I'm delighted to tell you about a giveaway here at The Book Chook. It's one set of eight Alex Rider books from Walker Books, plus Alex Rider bookmarks and badges. This is for residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

In 2000, the first Alex Rider book, Stormbreaker, introduced reluctant teenage superspy, Alex Rider, and his creator, Anthony Horowitz, to teenage boys looking for adventure and heart-pumping action. Since then, there have been seven more Rider missions: Point Blanc, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angel, Snakehead and the recent Crocodile Tears. The books have just been re-released with new covers and a new afterword from Horowitz himself containing explanations and insider secrets that I for one find fascinating.

Are you wondering whether your child would enjoy the books? I've only read Stormbreaker so far, and I know I am not the target demographic ie teenage boy. But I love thriller books and movies, and found Stormbreaker to be tightly written with twists and turns that had me glued to its pages. I think kids as young as ten, both boys and girls, and on through to adults would love the read, and the ride!

Here's what you need to do to enter this giveaway: write Alex Rider on one thousand pieces of paper that you then fold one thousand times and distribute over your city one evening when a yellow moon is rising. Ask someone to take a photograph ... okay, okay, I was joking. All you need to do is use the Contact Me tab up near my blog banner to send me an email with Alex Rider Giveaway in the subject line. That's it! Remember, Walker Books will only send to Australian or New Zealand addresses. One entry per email address, please

At the end of two weeks, I will ask a random chicken to choose one winner, notify them, and get their postal details which I will forward to Walker Books, who will send out the books. I think this set of all eight Alex Rider books, plus cool bookmarks and badges, is a wonderful prize, so please let your friends know, especially if one is a librarian who wants to share with a whole school full of kids!

UPDATE: a winner has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered!


  1. Charmaine Clancy13 May, 2010

    Great Competition!

  2. Book Chook13 May, 2010

    I agree, Charmaine - it's a huge prize and destined to make some lucky reader(s) very happy.

  3. Marjorie @ PaperTigers24 May, 2010

    My older son, 11, has swallowed all these books whole and has just finished reading Stormbreaker to his brother, 9, who is now catching up so that he can join us in listening to the audio books in the car too. I love them! And I think the graphic novel versions are great too.

  4. Book Chook24 May, 2010

    I haven't seen the graphic novels, but bet I would love them, Marjorie. Also love the idea of your voracious reader swallowing them whole - has he tried any of the Samurai Kids, or Jaguar Warrior?

  5. kimberley belford27 May, 2010

    i cant seem you use the contact me tab ???? can i have yuor email so i can stil enter te competition???

  6. Book Chook28 May, 2010

    The two weeks is up, and a winner has been drawn. Look for a notice on this blog soon.


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