Friday, May 14, 2010


Zooburst is a new online space where you and your kids can create a book. It's still in Beta mode, which means you need to apply for an invitation to use it, but I found that an easy process. Here is the book I made at Zooburst: (Uh-oh, it is wider than my blogger screen, and I am not clever enough to change the code. If you receive my posts via email, it won't be a problem, but if you are here on the blog, I am sorry, the scrolling arrow to change pages is hidden. Try Bits and Pieces Place for a better look.)

Once you arrive at the site, you choose a title for your book, then read some instructions.

Use the screen below to edit your book. You can add new items to a page by using the panel on the left - simply search for a picture in the public domain by using a keyword ("cow", "bird", etc.) or use "upload a picture" tab to use a picture from your computer.

Basically, you click on a picture to add it to the current page of your book - from there you can move the picture around by dragging and dropping it on your stage or working screen. You use the panel on the right side of the screen to change the size, rotation and color of your pictures.

You can make your pictures "talk" by clicking on them and filling in the chat bubble that appears above their head. You can also describe what is happening on a page by using the text box below the book. You can add a new page and switch pages by using the window at the bottom of the screen.

When you are finished just click on the 'Save Book' button to save your work. You can then click on the 'My Stuff' link at the top of this page to see your book in action!

Take a look at Bits and Pieces Place where Steph has made a very cute book.

There is also an augmented reality component of the site that uses your webcam. I wasn't able to get it to sync with my webcam, but Zooburst creator, Craig Kapp, says it is a little fiddly to get it to work, depending on how much/little light is in your room., and the quality of the printed page symbol. Here is a screencast of how it is supposed to work. Craig also says he is going to be making changes and adding more features, so Zooburst is definitely one to watch.


  1. Rebecca :)14 May, 2010

    You find the cutest stuff Susan!

  2. Book Chook14 May, 2010

    Just wish I knew how to display it properly, Rebecca!

  3. joy simpson15 May, 2010

    This looks like a great idea. I'm off to sign up for a go myself. Thanks Susan

  4. Book Chook15 May, 2010

    I am sure you will love it Joy.


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