Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alphabet Soup, For Kids Who Love Reading

The new issue of Alphabet Soup magazine, the magazine for kids who love reading, has the theme "ice". There's a fascinating peek inside Sweden's Ice Hotel, a tale about a snow maiden, and an interview with wonderful Australian author, Sandy Fussell (Polar Boy, Samurai Kids, Jaguar Warrior.)

There's a story from Australian author, Di Bates (Crossing the Line) and a fun poem from Australian author and poet, Karen Collum (I'm looking forward to reading Karen's latest picture book, Samuel's Kisses, soon.)

As usual in Alphabet Soup, there are also recommendations for good reads, great writing sent in by children, tips for young writers from the Book Chook (that's me!), and competitions for young writers and illustrators. On the Alphabet Soup blog, you'll also find activities and themed listening lists to accompany each issue.

I love the idea of a magazine for youngsters who enjoy reading and writing. Kudos to editor, Rebecca Newman, for providing such a valuable resource for families and schools, and for giving children an audience for their own published work. You can find out more at The Alphabet Soup website, where you'll find a sample copy and subscription details. There's also a call for kids to join the free Undercover Readers Club, which I think sounds a great way to get kids reading and writing for an authentic audience.


  1. Kelly - Be A Fun Mum04 June, 2010

    This is something I think my daughter would love. What age group would you recommend?

  2. Book Chook04 June, 2010

    I could see older kids sharing some stories and articles with under 7's, but I think Alphabet Soup would be best for 7 to 12-year-olds, Kelly. It is great for independent reading, but I think it also makes an excellent resource for discussion and inspiration. Reading other kids' stories is often a motivator to try our own. The author interview might introduce new authors and books to children too. And I LOVE the idea of kids writing book reviews for the magazine as an Undercover Reader.


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