Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Literacy Lava 5, Out Now

The fifth issue of Literacy Lava, a free pdf for parents or anyone who wants kids to love reading, writing and communicating, is now available from my website. Clicking on this link will take you to the exact page where you just have to click the cover of Literacy Lava 5 to download it as a pdf.

In this fifth edition of Literacy Lava, you’ll find ideas for helping kids develop spelling skills, ways to pair fiction and non-fiction read-alouds, ideas for letter writing with your kids, whether graphic novels are real reading, how to unwrap a picture book, tips for a loving bed-time story ritual, how to help your video-loving kid to love reading too, and all about encouraging kids to write poetry. Don’t forget to check out the Online Extras page, and the Activity page for kids.

Admittedly as editor of Literacy Lava I am likely to be prejudiced, but I believe contributors have come up with more fantastic articles in this issue. I hope you'll take the time to read, tweet, and send the link to anyone you think would find it useful.

 Literacy Lava - get it while it's HOT!


  1. How exciting!! I think this edition truly is HOT stuff! Will post on it this arvo when we get home.

  2. Book Chook01 June, 2010

    Konnichiwa! It's good to have you home!

  3. Carol Hampton Rasco01 June, 2010

    As always Book Chook, Literacy Lava has great material! Thank you to all who put it together.

  4. Book Chook01 June, 2010

    Thank YOU for the feedback, Carol!

  5. Ian @ Tidy Books02 June, 2010

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. And I shall go and share further.

  6. Terry Doherty03 June, 2010

    Oh, I can't wait to grab a cup and savor this edition! Still digging out I'm afraid! :'(

  7. Book Chook03 June, 2010

    Thanks so much, Ian!

  8. Congratulations on the fifth edition!! Wonderful information - can't wait to share it.

  9. Book Chook03 June, 2010

    I just know BEA would have been worth all that digging, Terry. Good to have you back!

  10. Book Chook03 June, 2010

    Hey Valerie! We're hoping we can have YOU back with us soon.

  11. Melissa Taylor05 June, 2010

    Another great issue, Susan! You're providing such an amazing resource for families and educators -- thank you!

  12. Book Chook05 June, 2010

    Melissa, I'm thanking you in return! Without great contributors like yourself bringing us articles to make us think, act and share, Literacy Lava would be a shell!


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