Friday, June 4, 2010

Quickly Write at Write Comics

At Write Comics, you can create your own comic strip by choosing backgrounds, characters and adding dialogue. This is a very easy interface, but it's not forgiving. There is no undo feature, so kids might need to start again if they're not happy with placement etc. There is a nice range of characters, including animals, props and aliens, several different backgrounds, and speech bubbles. When you choose a speech bubble, it appears on your panel, but you need to add dialogue or thoughts in the box below.

Once finished, you click and immediately get a link where your comic can be viewed. There's no need to register, which makes it great when you're in a hurry.

My example at left shows two weaknesses on my part. Hurried screen grabbing meant I cut off a little text, but also, in the first frame, I think the grandpa and his speech bubble should have been at left, because that's where our eyes tend to read first. Luckily I know that reflecting on what we've done, and learning from our mistakes are a big part of learning!

Write Comics is another online place where you and your kids could could do some creating. Parental supervision is a must as usual. And I definitely still prefer ToonDoo. However, it's wonderful to have so many choices where all of us kids can engage with story and write for an audience. 


  1. Dominique@ Dominique's Desk04 June, 2010

    Interesting concept of teaching reading.. may adopt it for my students for next term.

  2. Book Chook04 June, 2010

    Reading and writing are so closely linked, aren't they. I love that quick writing activities like this can be collected and made into books. Such personal books are often among kids' favourites I have found.

  3. This is a simple, quick site but I agree, an undo button would be a nice feature!

  4. Book Chook05 June, 2010

    My dream is of a site that also allows us to upload our own art work, backgrounds, characters etc. I'm playing with the ImagineR feature at ToonDoo for a new post which I think will let me go close, so hope to have some news on that soon.


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