Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ToonDoo Spaces

ToonDoo has lots of great features that encourage literacy and creativity. I've talked before about ToonDoo, in Sharing Stories Using Online Editors, and last week when I told you about its Book Maker feature. Recently, I registered for ToonDoo's free 15 day trial to check out ToonDoo Spaces, which is aimed at teachers and others who need a secure online learning environment where they can protect students and monitor their activity.

Once I'd registered, I followed instructions to access the site. There were a few steps involved, which impressed me re security, but I was even more impressed by the clarity of the instructions, and gained access just the way they said! I then had to sort out, with help from Toondude, that the admin space wasn't the same as the creation space, but soon I was creating merrily once more.

The Spaces site is well thought-out. Admins can remove clipart they consider inappropriate, register new users, customize the homepage. There are also some simple games kids can play - I liked Musica Memory, where I tested my skills in repeating a piano pattern (oops - think I need more practice!) Once all the administration side is set up, kids go through the ToonDoo Spaces space you have made, and proceed to create their cartoons or books, use tools like TraitR, DoodlR etc. Spaces work pretty much the same as the normal ToonDoo site, except there are more choices in the galleries. Best of all, there is no risk of exposure to inappropriate content.

I love ToonDoo and urge parents and teachers to check it out with their kids. If you want more details about how to use it than I have given, check out Russell Stannard's free Teacher Training Video about ToonDoo.

(Cartoon above made by Book Chook at ToonDoo Spaces)


  1. Ian @ Tidy Books02 June, 2010

    Do you really have a picture of Hitler and a giraffe on your blog?

    Seems a tall story to me (Badumtish).

  2. Marjorie @ PaperTigers03 June, 2010

    I love ToonDoo too and it's great top hear about this new development - thank you!

  3. Book Chook03 June, 2010

    That was Hitler? I thought it was my Uncle Lennie! (badumtish)

  4. Book Chook03 June, 2010

    Glad to hear it's not just me with this obsession, Marjorie!

  5. I see you're hooked too! :)

  6. Book Chook04 June, 2010

    Thanks to you, Ed!

  7. Ruth ferris23 June, 2010

    You really have put quite a bit of information here. The Wowzio Photo Gallery intrigues me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Book Chook23 June, 2010

    Hi again Ruth! I am a very visual person, so I love Wowzio as a way for readers to happen upon posts that might interest them. I think it would be a great addition to Li-bear-y Corner!

  9. Anonymous12 July, 2011

    Hi! I love the idea of using ToonDoo! I signed up for an account but now have no way of getting to the admin page to set up my account. Any help you can provide is appreciated!!!


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