Monday, July 5, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

The Keep Calm and Carry On website will generate a poster for you. You can enter up to five lines of text, change font and background colour, and choose from a limited range of images. Here's how the home page describes it:

In this time of terrorism, climate change, economic crisis and erupting volcanos, we here at the Ministry of Information feel it is important that you, the British people, have something to cheer you all up. Really, you're all a miserable bunch who ought to know better.

Therefore we are proud to bring you the Keep Calm-o-matic. Just enter the pithy saying of your choice, choose a few simple options, and before you can say 'Alastair Darling has funny eyebrows' you'll have your very own Government-approved motivational slogan.

Once you're happy with the image you generate, you can save it, link to or share it, or even order items like t-shirts based on it.

Creating a poster caption is a great exercise in choosing the minimum number of words with the maximum impact. If you or your children have a special project you want to advertise, a cause that's dear to your hearts, or you simply like playing with words and images, consider Keep Calm and Carry On!

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  1. Erin @ Letter Soup05 July, 2010

    Great tip! These images might be fun to use for creating bookmarks related to the theme or characters in the story. For example, for Frog and Toad: Keep Calm and Depend on a Friend...) Some of the examples in the gallery are really funny, btw! Thanks!

  2. Book Chook05 July, 2010

    Great idea, Erin! Thanks for adding value to my post.

  3. Loved seeing this poster in different places in UK- didn't know there was a website and now know its origin- thanks.

  4. Book Chook10 July, 2010

    Lorraine, I loved finding out that the posters are all over the UK! Thanks for passing on that info.

  5. Kelly Be A Fun Mum10 July, 2010

    Been on hols but I'm back! Love this! You really give me too much to try... and waste time on ... lol


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