Monday, July 26, 2010

Learn Something Every Day

Learn Something Every Day is a trivia fan's dream come true. There's a quirky fact published each day, with accompanying cute cartoon-style sketch, and you can scroll through to read earlier facts.

The facts might make interesting discussion starters, or be a good focus for further reading and research in a classroom situation. Students might even decide to use a fact as a challenge eg "The greatest height a chicken egg has been dropped without cracking is 700 feet." What inventions can kids create to carry an egg safely to the ground?

I love the art work too, which is a great example of using just a few lines to communicate an idea. Some of it might offend some people, so as ever, use caution. I think children would enjoy creating their own cartoon art to illustrate a fact of their choice. For the samples here, I used a quick program called Skitch, but you could also use Photoshop, or an online art editor. Kids might enjoy looking for some interesting facts at Science Kids


  1. Paula (Belgium)27 July, 2010

    Susan, I award you with the Versatile Blog Award. Have a look here:


  2. Book Chook27 July, 2010

    Thank you, Paula!


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