Monday, July 12, 2010

Presenting Monster Maddie, the Movie

Perhaps you noticed that my first children's picture book, Monster Maddie, was published earlier this year? I've been learning lots about marketing and promotion, which are very important skills for writers to get their heads around.

One useful tool for spreading the word about a published book is a book video preview, also known as a book trailer. This is like a movie trailer. It's supposed to tell just enough about the book to entice a watcher to find out more, then hopefully go on and buy/read the book. I guess it's a little like an advertisement, too, and good ones always include details about where to buy the book.

I was tempted to try creating my own video for Monster Maddie, but I decided to go for a professional look instead. Kim Chatel is the founder of Blazing Trailers. This is a website where authors can post trailers, and viewers can browse to find books of interest, all for free. Kim also makes video book previews for a few select clients, and she is very, very good at what she does. So I asked Kim to make Monster Maddie, the Movie!

What I love about this video is the way Kim has given the flavour of my picture book using text, pictures, sound effects and music. She's kept it short because viewers are almost always time-crunched. Kim has blended K.C.Snider's charming illustrations with colourful background slides, and added interesting transitions for variety and sparkle. I'm thrilled with the result which you can see embedded below, or at Blazing Trailers.

If you're an author wanting a way to reach out to people via multimedia, I thoroughly recommend you make or have made a video book preview. Once it's done, you have a product that enables buyers to find you via YouTube, websites like Blazing Trailers, your own website and blog. Submitting it to Blazing Trailers is free and easy. To ask Kim to consider making you a trailer, contact her via the website, and mention The Book Chook!

If you're a reader, consider using sites like YouTube and Blazing Trailers as a fascinating way to find interesting new books. It might be a great way to encourage your kids to browse among new titles too.


  1. Love

    Love the book trailer. Congratulations on publishing your first book!

  2. Book Chook12 July, 2010

    Thanks, Michelle!

  3. Chase March12 July, 2010

    Congratulations on getting published. That is amazing.

    The book trailer is also fabulous. You should feel quite proud!

  4. Wonderful! This is a great way to spread the word. I love your idea for using trailers like yours to excite kids about reading. It may be fun to have students to create video book trailers on books they have read. I have had my students create bookcasts (podcast book trailers). They turned out great and encouraged reading and discussion of books in my classroom.

  5. Book Chook12 July, 2010

    Thanks Chase!

  6. Book Chook12 July, 2010

    Kelly, I love the idea of using different media to interact with literature. I think it adds a new dimension to kids' thinking, and allows them to express their opinions and creativity with greater freedom than a conventional book report.

  7. Janeen Brian12 July, 2010

    Thanks again for being inspiring and luring me gently into more and more ways of being creative with writing and promotion. And how wonderful to set an example by using your very own new picture book! Congratulations. Janeen

  8. Rebecca Newman12 July, 2010

    Wonderful trailer. (Poor Maddie!)

  9. Book Chook13 July, 2010

    Thank you, Janeen! I love that multimedia is so accessible nowadays.

  10. Book Chook13 July, 2010

    Poor Maddie indeed! (I think reading Kafka as a teen scarred me for life.) But ultimately, she finds her way back, so I hope it's a positive message.

  11. Karen Collum13 July, 2010

    Congratulations, Susan! The trailer is wonderful :) The music fits perfectly and you can't help but feel sorry for poor Monster Maddie. Glad to hear there's a happy ending!!

  12. Book Chook13 July, 2010

    Thanks, Karen!

  13. Kelly Be A Fun Mum13 July, 2010

    It's fantastic! I'll put a link back from my review.

  14. Book Chook15 July, 2010

    Thanks, Kelly!


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