Friday, July 23, 2010

SignApp Now

Do you need to know who is coming to your next function? Maybe you're starting your own fan club and expect thousands to join? Having a book launch and you want numbers for catering? Need a sign up sheet for the Under Seven Soccer kids? Or maybe number one son is having his birthday soon?

SignApp Now is a very simple idea that helps you keep track of guests/members. All you need to do is create a sign-up page, then you email people the url. Once they get it, they sign up. There is no need to register - I plunged in and it took me 30 seconds to type the details they wanted. One click, and I got a url to direct people to. (However, if you want to edit the sheet, you need to register.)

How easy is that! So what's the catch? Well, that sheet only lasts five days before it expires. If your son's birthday party is in five days' time however, it could be handy. You can also get the list in XLS format for $1.00.

Teaching kids how to use applications like this is useful for their functional reading and writing skills. In essence, this is a very simple spread sheet. Your child might like to send invitations to her next sleepover via SignApp Now!


  1. Milo Felipe23 July, 2010

    Hi. Thank you for writing about SignApp Now. I'd like to correct something. You actually set the expiration date of your sign up sheet. So you can create a sign up sheet and set the expiration date a year from now. It's up to you. But once the expiration date is reached, you have 5 days before the sign up sheet is deleted. So you should print or download the sign ups within 5 days after the sign up sheet expires. But if you create an account, you'll always have access to your expired sign up sheets. Thanks again!

    Milo Felipe

  2. Book Chook23 July, 2010

    Milo, thank you for explaining. It's a neat idea!

  3. This is such a handy web application and makes organization so much easier! I use it to find parent volunteers for the classroom and it is easy enough for even those parents who claim to be technology illiterate.

  4. Book Chook24 July, 2010

    Great point Kelly T! They've really kept the interface clear and minimal. It honestly took me seconds to set up. I'm glad of the feedback on using it in the classroom - thanks!


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