Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Animated Explanations

Here's some online reading and viewing I think you and your children will enjoy, and learn from:

A website full of animated movies, interactive tutorials and instructional videos, all free for you to view and to embed in your website. Simply select an animated explanation and follow the instructions to integrate it in your site.

The website is called Animated Explanations. With titles like What is migraine? What is ADHD? How to create an attractive presentation in Powerpoint 2007? the short films use animations, slides, graphs, text and voice to explain subjects simply and clearly. I've chosen to embed an infographic on The Human Heart, which you can interact with by sliding the scroll bar to show the blood flow, or choosing to show valves or chambers inside the heart, and rolling over the diagram with your mouse.

The Human Heart - Animated Explanations

So far, the three subject areas are Health, Technology and Work, but I'm sure the company behind it (Instruxion) will continue to add titles and more subjects as they expand.

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