Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Dreaming World of Peace

I read about a great contest for kids (from 8-12 years) today on Paper Tigers, and I wanted to tell you about it. It's called The Nambook-010 Children's Peace Drawing Contest. From the Nambook website:

It is indeed a great pleasure to announce that the NAMBOOK-010 Children's Peace Drawing Contest is now open as an accompanying event to the 5th Nami Island Interantional Children's Book Festival which will be held from October 1 to November 14, 2010, Nami Island, Korea. Through this contest - with the theme of My Dreaming World of Peace - we hope to present diverse a peaceful world in drawings described by the hands of children transcending national boundaries, religion, and race, so that not only children but everyone can acknowledge the importance of peace, and hopefully take a small step together towards a peaceful future. In order to make our wish come true, we sincerely look forward to the participation of children from every corner of the world.

I love the idea of a contest that encourages creativity in children, and promoting peace is doubly attractive. You can find the contest application form and more information at the Nambook website - under What's New/Latest News/Peace Drawing Contest. The submission deadline is September 10, 2010, so there's time for your youngster to get started.

Contests like these can be a great way to encourage kids to create for a potentially global audience. Some children will enter in the hopes of winning a prize; for others the thought of doing what they can to encourage peace on our planet will be enough. In the process, they are thinking about why peace is important, and what symbols of peace they value and might use to convey their own personal messages. They might even decide to give up fighting with their brothers and sisters at home for a while - oh blessed peace!


  1. Rebecca Newman05 August, 2010

    What a lovely idea. I'll have to get my daughter onto it, she'd love get busy on some artwork for it.

  2. Paula (Belgium)06 August, 2010

    Oh! Many thanks for this post. We are on board!

  3. Book Chook06 August, 2010

    Great, Rebecca! I love reading about children who love to create!

  4. Book Chook06 August, 2010

    Excellent, Paula! I'm not sure of the conditions of the contest re publication, but maybe after it's over, we will see your daughter's entry in the Gallerie?

  5. Awesome project, putting it on my calendar now so I remember to take another looks as we get closer to the date! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Kim Chatel14 August, 2010

    i am defintly going to enter

  7. Book Chook14 August, 2010

    Paper Tigers told me about it. They're my go-to blog for all things cultural and global!

  8. Book Chook14 August, 2010

    I am so glad, young person masquerading as Kim! Good luck!


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