Monday, September 20, 2010

Clipping with

I've found something really cool (via Larry Ferlazzo's blog). I think it will be useful to adults as well as kids, and particularly useful to bloggers.

It's called It's a way of sharing an image of a website, a screenshot if you like. I used to showcase the participants in the September I Can Read Carnival. As well as linking to each blog post, I pasted a clipped screenshot of each post too. Above you can see a clip I took of one of my own posts from last week. 

So why do I like better than other similar applications?

  • It's easy to use.
  • It has a toolbar you can drag to your bookmarks bar so you can clip from your browser window.
  • It can be pasted into email.
  • It can be pasted into a blog, website, forums, social media.
  • You can add a sticky note to your clip.
  • You can change the size of your clip.
  • It embeds the url the clip was taken from into the clip.
  • The clip links directly to the original page that you clipped.
  • If you register, the site keeps a record of your clips, quotes and sites.
  • As you can see below, you can clip text too and make it into what call "eye-catching quotes."

When write o'clock rolls around, sometimes all we need is an idea for writing that won't take too long, will motivate kids, and remind them that writing is fun.

How would it be useful to kids? If your kids are collecting information about something, this could be a cool way of keeping an annotated record of the sites they want to use. Clipping and keeping each site as an image that includes a link is a great reminder to visual learners. If you and your child are researching new bikes or dog breeds say, you could clip each site, and use the sticky note to jog your memory. If your son is into manga and you find a great review online, send him an email with the site's clip pasted in and a note to tell him why you think he'll like it.

You can find more information at the website.

What other ways might you use

(Have you noticed the dots in the middle of words nowadays? And the uppercase letters? I'm thinking of changing my name to sus.aN!  Plus I've just been told I added a vowel to the word when it actually has none - it's not, but Hard to pronounce; fun to use!)


  1. is a great tool! Very handy for blogging and sharing with students. I like that it shows what the website looks like so if the link is ever broken, the record of the site remains.

  2. That's another good feature, Kelly - thanks for sharing it!

  3. Thanks for your review of You've suggested some really great uses for the service. If you have other feedback or suggestions for, please don't hesitate to contact me at [Incidentally, there is no "i" in]

  4. Thanks for letting me know about my attempt to make the word pronounceable by adding a vowel, Tim! My brain must have over-ruled my eyes.

  5. Could be the best blog post online...


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