Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GPS -Global Poetry System

Bile Beans on Global Poetry System

Thanks to Sally @ Paper Tigers, I found a great way to show kids that poetry is all around them. It's a website called GPS which stands for Global Poetry System.

Global Poetry System is a Southbank Centre project to explore and map the poetry of the world. It’s based on the idea that poetry is all around us, from gravestones to graffiti, from birthday cards to blogs, in the landscape and in our memories. GPS invites you to take a fresh look at where you are and find the poetry that inspires you. Photograph it, video it, audio record it or write it down - tell the world where it is on the map.

GPS invites us to put our place and poetry on their map, and to discover poetry where we never expected to find it by exploring the site. I liked the way jerry seaman used Keep Calm and Carry On to generate a poem, appreciated that we can look inside our own countries for poems on the map, realized that poets from all over the world publish their verse on the site, (so it's created rather than found), and laughed over Bile Beans in the picture above.

Looking out for signs and words in your environment wherever you go could become the start of a family tradition for you, whether or not you choose to add your found poetry to the website. If you do see a quirky or rhythmic sign that grabs your interest, it might make a prompt for a family-created verse.

I am off to see what I can do


  1. What a very cool idea! I am having a great time exploring myself.

  2. I love these different ways of helping kids connect writing with the real world, too, Kelly!


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