Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's the Best Gift of All?

I have a guest on the blog today who has an important reminder for everyone. Over to you, Dumbledore!

I'm still celebrating International Literacy Day, because it's September 8 in other places in the world! Like Dumbledore, I truly believe the best gift we can give our kids is to read to them every day. 

If you're interested in encouraging children to read, you might like my articles: What's So Great About Children's Literature Anyway, Help Kids Become Readers and Writers, or The Reader's Bill of Rights.

Sometimes parents write to the Book Chook with problems they want to share. Reading-related problems are found in Letter to the Book Chook - Free Reading Material, Letter to the Book Chook - Reading Challenge or Reading Chore, and Letter to the Book Chook.

Did you miss: Literacy Lava 6, a free zine for parents, teachers and all who are passionate about children's literacy and learning? You can grab it at my website.

You can also check out my latest book reviews in the Yahoo Pipes widget top left, or just browse!

Tomorrow will bring the first in my new Creative Prompt Series. I hope you and your kids will join in so we can all challenge ourselves to be more creative. 

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  1. Hi Chook,
    I'm excited - looking forward to your creative prompts! At the moment I am writing letters to each of the children in my class from a well-loved book character. They are awaiting these with great anticipation! I love the fact that they will first have to read them and then write back and they will participate enthusiastically in both because they are totally hooked! Makes me happy....

  2. I think those lucky kids will be very happy too! Tomorrow's prompt is a nice easy general one. I'd be rapt if they could think of a way to join in!

  3. Paula (Belgium)10 September, 2010

    I remember a bookshop in Korea that had exactly this remark in its windowsill. And could not pass without thinking: 'Oops....I haven't read aloud yet', which in 75% of all visits would make you buy a new book. :-)

  4. Paula, that's clever marketing! I thought I'd made it up when I created the image at but it just shows there's nothing new under the sun!

  5. Excellent advice. My parents did this for me and it is a gift I treasure.

  6. Me too, Kelly!


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