Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Write-N-Ator

The Write-N-Ator encourages kids to write, and it does so in an interesting way. They watch a video clip about WordGirl, then respond to the writing challenge that accompanies it.

For example, in Does the Mecha Mouse Machine Have a Flaw? kids create alliterations: 

"In this challenge you will write alphabet alliterations! Use one of the letter groups below and add at a descriptive sentence using alliteration. If you want to astonish us, use all the letters in the alphabet! Here are some examples:

A – Angry alligators ate all the apples.
B- Busy bees built big bee hives."

Other challenges call for writing predictions or writing a descriptive paragraph.

This might be just right for when kids don't have a lot of time, but want to play online. As well as having fun, they get to engage with video and text, and respond with some writing.

You could also borrow activities like the alliteration one above to use with your kids when away from the screen. One of the missions is called Favorite Word. What IS your child's favourite word? Why? Have you thought of making a favourite word collection? Where will you keep your words? In a teeny tiny word box?

I love to do this with kids. One day, I asked seven-year-old David for his favourite word. "Kitten," he replied. "Why?" I asked. He looked at me earnestly, and replied,"It makes me feel all furry on the inside."

Photo credit: fotographix from morguefile.com


  1. What a cool tool! Thanks so much for sharing it Susan :)

  2. So many cool tools, Kelly!


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