Thursday, October 14, 2010

Curriculum Resource Centre for Series Books

Here's some information from about a free online Curriculum Resource Center on popular series books and their authors. If your child loves series, or you're looking for additional resources to extend a book, the website provides links to resources like author websites, and audio and text files. Kids can hear some authors reading excerpts from their books, and read interviews with them. Listening to a book read aloud by an author might "sell" your kids on a new series too. The list of books is mostly US-published, but many are available online or internationally, so it's definitely worth a look. 

" Launches a Free Online Curriculum Resource Center About Series Books and Their Authors, a K–12 online database that infuses multimedia about books and authors into reading, has just launched a free online digital collection and curriculum resource center featuring popular series books.

"Elementary students love series books. The familiarity and comfort of knowing the characters, the setting, and the plot lines make reading pleasurable for children who devour book after book in a series," reflects Nick Glass, Founder & Executive Director of "This is especially true for emergent and newly independent readers, whose reading success with one title encourages them to seek similar books."

The newly produced Series Books Curriculum Resource Center includes hours of original audio interviews with popular series authors and hundreds of online resources to support the enjoyment of more than 40 favorite series—including fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, and biography. The Series Books Curriculum Resource Center helps busy educators find inspiring multimedia resources that can be easily integrated into their literacy activities.

The collection gives educators quick and easy access to discussion questions, activities, and multimedia resources to enrich conversations about series books. It also enables students, teachers, librarians, and families to learn directly from award-winning authors of their favorite series books about how each series came to be written.

" recognizes the power that series books can have in the lives of children relatively new to reading, and is excited to enable all readers to meet and learn from the authors of these great books," continues Glass.

The Series Books Curriculum Resource Center is free for anyone to use or link to."


  1. I think it looks useful for parents, teachers and librarians who want to help those kids who fall in love with a series, Chase. And just for browsing, a way to find out a bit about books/authors before buying or borrowing books.

  2. What an awesome site and resource for teachers!

  3. I agree, Kelly!


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